A Variety of Treatment Options

People struggling with addiction may not always find success after their first attempt at recovery. Extra support may be needed, the chosen treatment center may have been too large, or the program may have lacked a critical component. There are many treatment options available, so it is just a matter of finding the right one. That is easier done at a program that provides several services and treatments for women who are seeking help.

Why a Single-Sex Program?

Coed treatment programs work well for some people, but interactions with the opposite sex can be triggers for behavior and emotions that are counterproductive to moving forward. Some people are simply more comfortable in a single-sex living environment while feeling vulnerable. There is a non-profit Women's Addiction Treatment Program in Prescott arizona that offers six options for treatment. Free consultations are available to get the treatment process started.

Short-Term Treatment

One treatment option is medical detoxification that typically lasts three to five days. This is often the first step in a long process. The focus of the detoxification for alcohol, oxycodone, heroin, and other addictive substances is actually three-fold. Evaluation, stabilization, and encouragement to enter a treatment program will be emphasized during that short time frame.

Long-term Options

An accelerated addiction treatment program is personalized to the needs of each participant. One to three months is the length of stay for this live-in program. The program is designed to fit into a family medical leave from work and can be augmented with out-patient counseling if needed.

The extended program can last from six months to a longer period of time if applicable. This provides extra time and support to women who can also benefit from life skills education or an introductory to job skills. Community outreach activities are also encouraged for confidence along with interaction and social skills development.

The Environment

Live-in programs are kept intimate to provide maximum support to the women in treatment. The house is beautiful, and compassionate staff members are available at all hours of the day and night. There is an on-call nurse on staff for any medical needs. The curriculum is a combination of Christian values and evidence-based treatment modalities. Healthy eating and exercise are encouraged and a gym membership is included in the stay.


Those who prefer to live at home are welcomed to participate in substance, individual, and family counseling on an out-patient basis. Aftercare treatment is also available to continue to support those who have completed live-in treatment programs. Learn the details of each option and select one to free yourself from addiction.